Open Wager Platform


Driving Force

While focusing entirely on its customers’ needs, the OpenWager team delivers full product lifecycle management, from concept to launch to optimization, to ensure that each social casino offering is a hit.

  • A resourceful product and art team works with each partner to design a breathtaking game experience, based on either original or third-party content, with AAA game quality.  Always.
  • Once a partner game approaches launch, our social casino experts help each customer craft an effective marketing plan, customer support plan, and community management plan. We take care of every step you take.
  • Once the product is live, the dedicated team of game operators analyzes data and optimizes product revenue. Your success is our business.

OpenWager Platform (OWP) Facts:

  • Rapid delivery. OWP is the original technology platform that enables the rapid delivery and operation of a wide range of social casino applications.
  • Enormous players’ pool. OWP can service hundreds of thousands of simultaneously active players across multiple client devices.
  • Customizable social/ competitive features. OWP provides numerous real-time social and competitive services for connected players.  The following categories of functionality ‘out of the box’ can be easily extended to support partner-specific objectives:
    • identity management – user management, profiles, preferences;
    • social network integration – full Facebook and Google Play support;
    • social features – inbox, gifting, profiles, avatars, push/email invites;
    • virtual economy – items, virtual currencies, catalog/offers, power-ups;
    • competition features – achievements, quests, leaderboards, quest engine;
    • real-time features – presence/IM, chat, tournaments, game servers;
    • internal – content management system, marketing/promotions engine, a/b testing;
    • and more…
  • Powerful game engine. OWP has been engineered to support games written in Unity3D, HTML, Flash or built-in technologies.
  • Seamless integration. OWP is engineered for seamless integration with partner infrastructure or other third-party services.

OpenWager Key Partner Benefits:

  • Unique game portfolio. Partners can choose to include their existing casino game content or use OpenWager’s enthralling content library.
  • Multi-platform consumer products.  One user can play on one account across iOS, Android, Facebook Canvas, or via an embedded website experience – and have their coins and XP level stay synched.
  • Enhanced social features. Deep social features that trump current social casino market leaders provide more virality and better user retention for all player-facing game released using the OpenWager Platform.
  • Retention and monetization. Unique meta-games add a secondary game experience where users progress through an artful storyline by completing quests based on casino gameplay events.  This progression mechanic leads to longer user retention and higher user monetization.
  • Comprehensive analytics. A built-in customized business intelligence tool allows executives, marketers, and game operators to gain instant access to the data they need to make critical decisions about optimizing their revenue in a timely manner.