Why Social Casino

Key Growth Market

The $2.9 billion (2013E) global social casino market is one of the fastest growing segments of digital gaming. Moreover, social casino players make up about 13% of all social gamers. Social and mobile casino segment will continue its momentum and is expected to drive worldwide spending on casino-style entertainment to $4.2 billion by 2016E.


Transition to Digital Devices

As players move from desktop to mobile and tablet, an increasing trend in spending is drastic: the average tablet player spends almost twice as much as a desktop social casino player. Lifetime value on tablets is 22% higher compared to smartphones. The transition to digital devices has remarkably improved the market’s overall performance. It is crucially important to be where your audience is.


Engaging Your Customers

As the market for social casino games continues to thrive, the players’ demands and expectations are growing exponentially. Understanding the players that drive this emergent category is key to success and having a partner who understands the landscape and can work with you to build a social presence is even more important.

Did you know that 83% of social casino players visit land-based casino at least once a year? This statistic alone makes a clear case for having a branded social casino presence. So, when your customers are not on your property, they are still engaging with your brand and working towards getting back to your property as quickly as possible.

OpenWager is your preferred partner in maximizing customer retention and revenue in social gaming world.


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